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Yet another windscreen question

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Hi everyone. I'm new to this forum but have been around a while on the RT side. I will be taking delivery of a 2012 R1200R later this month (March), and I have a question regarding windscreens. It seems like there is not too much choice in aftermarket screens, and I cannot find a good thread with a comparison. Do I dare open up this can of worms? I surely would appreciate some good feedback. :dance:
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Thanks, I certainly appreciate your feedback. I know that ztechnik now offers a few choices in screens, though Cal Tech appears to give you more options as well as offering brackets. I have a ztech screen on my RT and it seems to have served me well. Does anyone have any experience w/ that screen on a 12R?

2009 R1200RT
soon to add to the stable 2012 R1200R
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