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Wrecked my R1200R Today

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Had a crash today, there was another accident and swerved to miss it and another car swerved also and an I hit the rear right corner with the jug on the left, then down I went. Just 6 inches and I would have made it but I couldn't get by the curb was there.

Don't know how much damage yet to the bike, doesn't look bad but there is an oil leak from the left valve cover.

No broken bones just a little sore from hitting the ground, jacket, boots and helmet saved me.

The accident we missed was much worse, I was very lucky cars going everywhere.
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Sorry to hear about your crash, Bo, but so glad that you are OK.

In just the blink of an eye...
hope ypu recover from minor i juries soon are riding again.
Sorry to hear of your misfortune. Just glad to read that you are relatively ok.

I wish you are speedy recovery back to 100%, and hopefully there's not any serious damage.

Best regards
Bo Glad to here you are Ok. Give me a call when you get a Chance.
Another Glad your OK. Sorry about the bike.
Hey, the bike can be fixed or replaced. You are the important thing. Been there, done that and it is not fun. Hope you heal quickly and PTL you are okay.
Sounds like the crash on west 71 yesterday afternoon. Glad you're OK, Bo. Things can be replaced, you can't. Hope the repairs are relatively minor and not too costly.
I talked to Bo earlier & he is OK, NO injuries to him & it seams Minor damage to the bike. He was able to ride it home but he noticed it was leaking some oil from the left valve cover. Insurance guy has already been to the house to look at it & I have Bo on the schedule to get the R12R to Lone Star to be repaired. I'll let Bo fill in any other blanks. :D
Yep, I am feeling fine rode the GS today, and I guess that I will be riding it for a while. Lone Star is really backed up.

No injuries except my pride, got complacent about my ride home, be careful out there.

Insurance company has been very responsive, came out to my house, took the pictures and then called me all today.
Well, At least you have a BUB... Back Up Bike that is....

Sorry to hear about your get off... Those are never any fun are they...

And the bike, Oh The Humanity !!

Hopefully she'll be fixable and doesn't have any serious engine damage..

Heal up..

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Hey, man...sorry about the adventure...glad you're OK.
Bo, hope your ok, never good but sounds like you avoided what could have been worse!
Dang man....Glad to hear you are ok!!!
Another "glad you're OK Bo!" and thank goodness for the right riding gear! :thumb:
Thank God you are OK! Valve cover is an easy replacement. I know!
Glad to learn t hat YOU are fine. The damage to the bike is good for the economy :)
Wolfgang said:
Glad to learn t hat YOU are fine. The damage to the bike is good for the economy :)
Never thought about it like that, but I'm happy when there are no major injuries.
True, the Healthcare industry is doing fine without my ER visit :)
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