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Went to Carolina Euro in Greensboro, NC Saturday for a "hybrid" 6K service. I've had the bike for 2 weeks and it had 6800 miles when I took it. I had talked to the service advisor, Richard, earlier and he said change the oil and ride it. So instead of paying them for that, I had them flush the brakes, clutch, and coolant, and do the general checks on it. I bought an oil filter and changed the oil when I got home. I had already removed some of the tupperware to help reduce my costs. It was $203 for the service and filter.

Did not put it on the BMW computer (Moditec) or whatever it is. Richard said once it goes on there, it has to stay until it is done, however long that may be.

Also had him check my throttle and reverser, as well as windshield. He said he'd replace the shield if he had one. When I returned to pick it up, had a new shield on it. Yayyyy for dealer.

While they serviced my bike, they gave me an F650CS to ride and I went to Slugbug's house, where he and Tarheel Rider were doing an HID install and we all put our heads together on that one. Brian bought a Xenon Depot system, which was different from any Joel had ever seen and the first one I had seen. ONce we figured it out, it went pretty smoothly. The kit Brian has has a ground and hot wire that go to the battery and a ground. But it also plugs into the factory headlight plug. It has relays and two ballasts.

Seems like a pretty good kit. the instructions were pretty poor, though. Once installed, the light looked good.

And Brian and Joel seem like pretty good guys. Nice to meet them.

All in all a productive day. Met some nice folks from here and dealer; learned more aboutthe LT; got a new shield, and took care of some service needs. Now to find time to ride.....

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