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Won't start after throttle body synching

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Yesterday I used the TwinMax to sync the throttle bodies on my 02 R1150 RT. Unlike the valves, which were way out of spec, the throttle bodies were in pretty good shape. Only found a minor vacuum to one side at full sensitivity. Fixed that, then did the big throttle blips. Did not do a live adjustment on the road.

During that that adjustment, I started the bike several times without any trouble.

This morning, I re-installed the fairings, and then tried to start the bike. It cranks and cranks, but it won't fire.

Before the throttle body syncing, I:

- Adjusted the valves
- Replaced the spark plugs
- Installed Power Commander PCIII

During the throttle body syncing, everything worked well.

After the throttle body syncing, I:

- Re-attached the stock hoses to the intakes
- Put the spark plug wire covers back on
- Installed the fairings, side panels, and seats

Did I miss anything? Have any of you had this problem before?


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ape... with ALL due respect... I totally agree with the previous post... remove the PC III. Maybe you can return it or sell it....
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