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Courtesy of the WWW I found this if it should help anyone.
Over time the sulfuric acid will start to corrode the Nikasil lining causing the cylinders walls to become scored, sometimes through the coating and into the underlying engine block. This in turn causes the cylinders to lose compression and ultimately leads to premature engine failure.

Maybe the damage was done prior to your ownership from bad gas and/or poor oil choices.

Also from the internet:

Sulfur Levels in Gasoline
The LDV Emissions program required gasoline to meet an average sulphur standard of 120 ppm and a cap of 300 ppm beginning in 2004. Since 2006, the average standard was reduced to 30 ppm with an 80 ppm sulphur cap.

I’m no chemical engineer but it could be possible that when the bike was in its youth and prior to 2006 that’s is when the damage may have occurred. Perhaps researching the different brands of oil could be beneficial here, or start using synthetic oil and take the sulphur out of the equation. JMTSW don’t beat me up on this, just throwing out a possibility. Good luck with your replacement engine. God bless.
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