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Wires in Nav II

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Wires in Nav III

I'm replacing a Nav III with a Zumo 660 and I notice on the Nav II wiring there are three wires on the GPS side of the power lead plug - red, black and purple. I'm assuming black is ground, but what is the difference between Red and Purple? Any ideas? Thanks guys!
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I too am trying to connect up my audio out from the Zumo 660 into the BMW Com System. I had to cut the wiring harness in order to be able to connect it to my BMW Wiring harness I previously used for my Street Pilot and then my 550. The headphone jack line (audio out) has four (4) wires: yellow, orange, brown and purple. Can anyone tell me what the various wires are for? I just want to come out with mono out of the GPS. I was able to do that on the 550 but I just can't seem to get it to work for the 660 wiring. Your help would be appreciated.
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