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windscreen tint opinions

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Hi, I've decided on the Werks Quite Ride windscreen. Height to be determined.
Bike is a 2022 RT (6' , 32" inseam, bar risers)
Werks, depending on availability, offers various tint options.

I know it's very subjective, but I'm looking for opinions to tint or not tint. Why? Why not?
Recommended shade/color? I very seldom ride a t night. The bike is white.

Thanks for any input.
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I am also your dimensions and purchased the lightly smoked option. I have no reason for it but I am happy with my choice. I did the 26" height and love this shield!
I got the clear as it matches the small deflectors... I never look through my shield so I don't care about the tint.
But, on a white bike a slight tint might look pretty good.

I have the 24"
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I did not like the tint. Sold it and bought the clear. Just Did not like the look on my bike.
I got the clear like @Mellow, but on a white bike. The main reason is to preserve the original look (OEM screen is clear) and to be able to look through it during slow speed maneuvers.
I got the light tint, awesome windshield, I loved mine.

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Lightly smoked will reduce eyestrain on a bright day on concrete/etc, but wont harm any near field visibility at night at all.

The super dark ones, I would never feel comfy with, just "too dark" for some inner spider-sense to get over.
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Had a light gray tint on the Road Glide windscreen. I would recommend it. It was only a problem if you had to look at something through the shield at night... like if you were parking. I agree with the comments on dark smoke or painted. You need to be able to see through it and identify objects.
I got the clear 26" (I'm 6'1"). "Glare" comes from above, a smoked screen won't help. Clear gives a cleaner look, with better vision through the screen. I'm very happy with my choice.
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I once had a GSA with the tinted glass and the little reflectors to match. I thought that because I was tall (1,91cm) I would never look through it. The truth is that there are situations, night travel being one of them, where it helps to have the clear glass.
I hope I helped, good luck ✌
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After reading everybody's input, calling Werks and talking to Terry, I ordered a 26" clear Quite Ride.
Thanks to all ! :)
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I've got the light tint 24" and like it.
While it is easy to see through in any light, Werks is designed to be looked over not through so tint or clear really only has to do with how it looks on the bike.
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Ya...I dont agree that a big windscreen is "not designed to be looked through" that from Werks WWW page? "Windscreens are not designed to be looked through". ?
On average I always have the screen top just under eyeline unless I am in twisties where I drop it.

I ride with my visor up always except in rain.

Yes the distortion is there but after 5+ years I don't notice it anymore.

I also find at the height I have it (over the top of the screen) I rarely look through that section as it's down the road a bit. Looking through it right in front of me if that's required is not distorted. Just more perspex like any other screen.

The airflow and noise comfort however far outweighs the occasional distortion issue.

ps...didn't know they said that on their site. These are over 100k KMs personal opinion in both country and city riding with this screen.
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Just, I dont think you are aware, how subconsciously blind you would feel if you could NOT see peripherally thru the shield.

As a general rule, only 10% of your awareness in driving, is conscious action.

The other 90% is where good habits and intuition happen...learned this in racing many years ago from a good coach.
Ya...I dont agree that a big windscreen is "not designed to be looked through" that from Werks WWW page? "Windscreens are not designed to be looked through". ?
These are quotes from posts by realshelby the manufacturer of Werks screens: You don't want a WERKS Quiet Ride if you must look through a screen. I personally cannot stand to look through a screen. But that is why one thing isn't for everyone!

And this: The Quiet Ride runs at a much lower level ( compared to eye level ) and it could be opaque and you could still ride comfortably with it at night or day.

..I think people are taking "look" far too literally.

But to each their own level of riding comfort.
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I have a platinum bronze (essentially metalic tan) colored RT and I got the lightly tinted Werks Quiet Ride which is slightly on the brown side as well. It think it complements to the look of my bike and it isn't at all distracting when I ride.
I have the Werks shield with a light tint

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