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apehair said:
Will the bigger 190/55 tire fit the R1150RT? Any reasons to stick with the 180, instead?
On the fitment question, compare the width of the RT rim to the width of a rim which comes stock with a 190/55 -- such as the K16GT/GTL. I suspect the 1150RT rim is too narrow (I have one of each, but I'm not at home to measure for you).

On the why stay wih a 180 question -- better handling. Wider is not necessarily better. A bike designed around a 180 will likely not steer as well with a 190 -- the geometry when leaned over (contact patch location, etc.) is different. I would expect heavier/slower steering.

My $0.02: Stick with the 180.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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