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Why was I worried?

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Hey All-

Brand new 02 owner here... Got rid of my VTX 1800 (which I loved) a couple years ago in a divorce. I have been lurking here for a few months as I closed in on buying a new to me bike.

Well mission accomplished. I have spent the last week riding this beauty.. After a couple years off and being used to the torque monster the VTX was, not to mention a whole new riding position- simply amazing... I cannot say what a pleasure it is to ride this bike.

I have to admit I was concerned with the "top heavy" issues called out on this board. It does have a different feel to it- but a week later I can throw it around as easily as any other bike I have owned. It is more difficult to drag the rear brake at slow speeds compared to others because the brakes are so damn sensitive, but it's coming along.

As far as the performance- wow.. You guys were right, this bike loves to be wound out.. In fact it seems happier and shifts smoother the farther you stretch the gears out...

Lastly- CUT THE BROWN WIRE! What a difference! So smooth... Anyway.. A bit of a long post but wanted to report my experience so far.. Looking ahead to many more miles... :)

Jeff Jennings
Spokane, Wa
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Welcome on-board. This is the only first class seat in a flight where you don't need seat belts. :)
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