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If this isn't an outright attempt at fraud I feel bad for the guy. Priapism makes for great jokes to everyone except the guy stuck with it and the long term effects. But there are various ways it could be self induced including some types of drug abuse. With any luck the medical testimony will be clear enough to tell if his bike is the real cause. What model??

There are treatments so I'm a bit surprised to see anyone claiming a 20 mth consecutive woody.. One would think his docs could have easily accomplished "deflation" through usual treatments and prevented any permanent injury. Maybe in a pinch show him pics of his wife.....

The usual seat complaints are sore butt/ monkey butt/ bad angle forcing tank contact, etc etc. His is the only such complaint I know of but there is no doubt some kinds of irritations can cause priapism..

If it's real and happens to encourage BMW to fit something other than the cheap showroom seats they use we'll all benefit. I wouldn't be surprised if a savvy attorney made some use of all the seat complaints and the number of BMWs that have better aftermarket seats....
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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