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white smoke

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i know this thread has been on here several times but...the white smoke has never bothered me, after reading about it here. However, over the last month or so it has produced the white smoke about half the time i start it. Should i try the let the oil settle method before putting on side stand? Do I have another issue?
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Both my brother and I were out this past week at a rally and parked both of our LTs on their side stands the entire time. First night, my bike had been shut off a bit before placed on side stand, his was not. When started, his smoked and it's an 09 with less than10000 miles. Next night, mine again was upright longer after being shut off before placed on side stand. When we started them the next day his smoked to the point that some others asked if it was a diesel. :histerica Next time we both kept them upright for a bit, like 1-2 minutes and then leaned them over. On start up the next day, no smoke from either.

If I am going to side stand it, I shut if off and keep it upright while I undo helmet, turn off sena, remove gloves, put glasses in glovebox, get phone out of glove box etc, just busy little things. Then lean it over. Never really more than a minute probably.
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