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As I come back to the fold, I am probably going to want to put new rubber on the LT I get am getting in the morning.

Here are my notes from my last set from SWMOTO

ME880 120/70VB17 Front 122.95 +ship ~$10 Nov 2010
METZELER ME880 120/70VB-17 FRONT K1200LT (110-10447)

ME880 - 160/70VB17 175.95 +ship ~$10 Nov 2010
METZELER ME880 160/70VB-17 REAR K1200LT (110-10448)

I went to their site today and thr price has gone up by 20%.

SO, where are you guys getting your tires now?

Thanks in advance.


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I just bought a set for my RT at this place. Several folks in my club buy from here.
Very fast... FREE... Shipping

These are the tires you need...
Metzeler Marathon ME880
Rear - 160/70 B17. 79V REINF.
Front - 120/70 B17. 58V

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SW Moto has free shipping when you buy two tires, IIRC.

DennisKirk has great service and will beat any price by $1. Just call them and walk the rep through the competitor's site so they can confirm price. When I had a tire that demonstrated a defect after a thousand or so miles, they expedited a replacement to me, sent a label to return the bad tire, and promptly refunded my money once they got the bad tire back. They even reimbursed me for the added expense of having the replacement tire mounted. Does not get much better than that in my book.

Policies may have changed since last time I bought tires, and YMMV.

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+1 American moto tires.....good prices and fast service.

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I just used SW Moto again to get a rear tire (ME880) - approx. $205 out the door shipped - they have "free" shipping even if you just purchase one tire. Prices have gone up - when I checked their website in November, it was $189 for the same tire.

That being said, this will probably be my last order with them - there has been some changes in the operation since it was bought from Blane a few years back. Biggest
issue for me is a lack of communication - under previous ownership, you would get an email
with the shipping info once the tire(s) shipped. The last 2 orders this did not happen and when the ME880 became "overdue" to arrive, I called to find out the status and was informed
that it had to be specially ordered. Fair enough as it happens, but neither their website nor the initial order status emails that I got from them showed this..

I read similar comments on the other forums that I use, so it's just not me. I find that
most of the vendors listed so far in this thread are within a few dollars of each other, so
I'll concentrate on Customer Service instead of the cheapest one - I've used American Motorcycle Tire belore with good results.

As always, YMMV...

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I just bought from motorcycle superstore like the first poster. Got the Bridgestone for $138 and free shipping. Ordered on Tuesday and had the tire on Thursday. Had to open a chat with customer service because the 79V weight rating wasn't listed on their site but the chat rep quickly found the specs necessary. I ordered immediately. Also took the tire off myself (first time for me) and got the tire mounted at my local Yamaha dealer for $20 and put it back on myself. So $158 total for a rear tire? Yep, just did it.

Had the Metzelers on previously. Worth it, but I needed a tire now and the Bridgestone has good reviews too so I thought I'd give it a shot...especially for the price.

Funny thing...i asked the Yamaha guy if many people took their tires off and brought it to them for mounting. He told me most of the people that do that are BMW riders.

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You're golden, same tire I just got from American Motorcycle Tire, in AZ. Very Happy with the company.

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MAX BMW in stock

Since I just posted that I am heading north and east from FL this afternoon and I am thinking that I need some tires maybe while on the road.

MAX BMW has the tires I need in stock (according to a call that I made yesterday) and will mount for $112.50

ME880 120/70VB17 FR
Part 11010447 - $145.99
(Was $208.95)

ME880 160/70VB17 RR
Part 11010448 - $202.99
(Was $291.95)

This is not the best deal, but is probably the best I can get on the road on the fly...

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sperra said:
Just got a set at Max BMW Total out the door $510.25
Front 145.99
Rear 202.99
2 valve stem 10.30
shop supplies 8.00
1.5 hrs labor
CT state Tax 30.47
OUCH I really mean OUCH I'm glad I do my own. :bmw:
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