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I moved them into the BMW Luxury Touring Site Specific FAQ. They had grown to take over half the page on the main K1200LT forum, so I thought it best to migrate them to the FAQ and consolidate them here:

Do you read the site with a PDA? Check out this feature!

If you like to access the BMW Luxury Touring Community via a PDA device and it just hadn't been that fun in the past? Well, the new site has a feature that allows all threads and posts to be viewed as text only. Check it out by clicking on the Archive link at the bottom of every page.

There is also a link on the site's front page to point to a PDA Friendly Version of the site.

Are you looking for posts in the same manner as you did in the old system (Past 24 Hours, Past 48 Hours, Past Week)?

Use the New Activity link in the menu navigation bar. This will allow you to see threads since last visit, threads posted in the past day, or posts made in the past 24 hours, 48 hours or 7 days.

Hey Daddy, what are all those pretty colors for?

You might have noticed that certain users have different color designators. These colors designate the user types in the new system. Some color designate Site Supporters and others designate the moderators and admins. Here is the list of color codes:

Donor and Vendor Donor Color Codes

Registered User - Blue (standard link color)
Basic Level Donors - bold Black
Standard Level Donors bold Blue
Gold Level Donors - bold Gold
Platinum Level Donors - bold Slate Gray
Standard Vendors - bold Light Purple
Premium Vendors - bold Dark Purple

You can support the site by using the Donate link at the bottom of every page. Currently, Gold and Platinum level supporters will get the added feature of changing their user title when editing their profile.

BTW, if you have donated in the past few months, I will be working very hard to get that information manually entered so you should start to show up with the correct color code. If after a week or so you don't see your color code updated, please send an email to [email protected]

Other Color Codes

Moderator - bold Green
Super Moderator - bold Dark Green
Administrator - bold Red

Cool Forum Feature - Summarized post text displayed when you mouse over a thread link

If you roll your mouse over an un-opened thread in a forum or in the new post list and leave it there a second, you will see a box with the first 40-60 words from the first post of the thread which makes it nice to decide if you want to open the thread to read or skip over it. Really can save time in both regular post and classifieds.

Please update your profile information

We were not able to transfer all of your profile information from the old user database. Please take a few moments and update the information in your user profile. Simply use the User CP button above and to the left. It is especially helpful to provide a real name and location so that other members know where you live and who you are. Also if you put in the Month and day of your birthday it will be on the calendar. You don't have to provide the year and can hide from others how young you really are.

We've got a REAL survey system now, Daddy!

I'm sure you've noticed the Survey item on the navigation bar. Well, after suffering for several years without a real database/survey tool after leaving the Yahoo community, we've implemented this feature.

This is a very powerful powerful system, because it allows you to create surveys with feature rich questions, but also allows you to create your own custom answer types. So far, we've got the Rear Drive survey listed there. I've only ported over the 13 rear drive entries that I posted, and we will port the rest over as time goes on.

You can take a look at the Rear Drive survey results and see much of the data in a graphical format. If you have suffered from a rear drive failure, please do take a moment to fill out the survey here.

What do I gotta do to get an event on the calendar?

Would you like to add an event to the the Calendar?

Just click on the Calendar link in the navigation menu bar and use the Add New Event options for either:
  1. single, all day event - an all day event on one day
  2. ranged event - an event that spans multiple days
  3. recurring event - an event that happens on a regular recurring basis
When adding an event please follow these simple guidelines to make sure your event gets approved by the moderators:
  • There should be a seperate discussion thread for the event with the details, or another website with more information (not always required, but recommended).
  • Include the URL to the discussion thread that describes the details of this event, or website for the event
  • Try to add an event at least one month prior to the event
  • Someone from our community should be organizing the event, or organizing the participation of members at the event (i.e., events like the Blitz to Branson, BMWMOA Rally, or Top 'o the Rockies)
  • The event must be related in some way to the (i.e., very loosely related - as in that someone from our community is organizing it or coordinating members of the site to attend)
  • The event might have large appeal to the community
NOTE: The discussion thread for the specific event should be in the appropriate regional forum (unless the event is a national event, like the BMWMOA Rally or BMW's Biltmore Event).

There are currently four general categories of trips:
  • R2M (Ride to Meet) - which is a one day trip to a location where we meet for lunch and then ride back on the same day.
  • Overnighter - which is usually a Saturday/Sunday trip to a location where we meet for dinner and then ride back the next day.
  • Weekender - which is a Friday-Sunday trip to a location where we meet on Friday evening, ride all day Saturday, and return home on Sunday.
  • Rally - usually more than 3 days, typically scheduled over a Thursday-Sunday or long weekend.
Following these guidelines will help make sure your event is approved and placed on the calendar.

Dammit! I posted a thread on the old site and I don't see it here!!!

Was that your first reaction when you were looking for something? Well, due to some serious technical issues, we weren't able to transfer the old posts into the new system. But don't worry, the old posts are still around and are here to stay.

Just CLICK HERE to get to the old posts.

Also, if you posted something on the old site and want to post it on the new site, please feel free to do so by copying and pasting it here.
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