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If the rotors have a different part number, then there is a difference. You may not notice it with the naked eye, but it is there. I know the Integral and non-integral brakes use a different ABS ring, and my guess is that the rim lugs for mounting the brake disks are different heights hence the rims have different part numbers. Also note that the Integral brakes run different calipers, different brake pads, and different diameter rotors as well.

You could just slap it all together and hope it works, but I don't think I'd take that chance with my wheels. Study the parts fiche diagram, check all the part numbers against model year, put it all together with the all the correct parts and in the correct order, then try it and see if everything lines up correctly.

The brake rotors and calipers have some play to account for pad wear, but I wouldn't want to put in a wheel combo that is out of alignment from the start due to incorrect assembly or the wrong parts. Just not worth it.

Your original post suggests that you aren't that familiar with how this is all supposed to go together, or even confident that you have all the right parts. But in the end it's your choice how to proceed.
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