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What to use now. Plexus is big bucks

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I have not needed to buy any plexus for a couple of years since I had bought 4 cans the last time. They have a $10.95 sticker on them and they are the large cans. I stopped at a local non BMW dealer today and they wanted $18.00 for the 7 oz. can. They said the price has gone up alot lately. I did some quick research online and the price really sucked. My question is what fills in scratches and cleans like Plexus but is more affordable? Has anybody tried Detailers plex - all plastic cleaner and polish? Just looking for a good alternative.

Thanks for your input
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Lemon Pledge. No kidding. Lemon Pledge.
I have been using Bugslide with very pleasing results. It was referred to me by a V-twin friend, but he suggested not using it following the directions, but to spray directly to needed area of windscreen. The instructions are to spray to a micro fiber towel then wipe windscreen. That doesn't work at all.
I do want to try the lemon pledge....rather convenient.
A loyal Plexus user for years, I still sometimes use it despite the outrageous price, but have also had acceptable results with Pledge and have frequently use Sprayaway glass cleaner (yes, it is ammonia free) on both my windscreen and my helmet visor ---- compared to the cost of Plexus they practically pay you to use it!
Honda Spray Cleaner & Polish, $8 for a 12oz can.

Also, Lemon Pledge works just fine.
+1 on the Pledge - just discovered it myself. ;)
Thanks for all the responses. We used to use the pledge for the whole bike back in the 80s. We could use rainX on the old plexiglass windshields on the vetter fairing because they were not coated. I will try the honda stuff soon and will see if the pledge fills in the fine scratches like plexus.
OK, who are you? And why are you posing as Meese? We all know what Ken's Bikes look like and I cannot believe that he owns any of this polish stuff! All he does is ride!

meese said:
Honda Spray Cleaner & Polish, $8 for a 12oz can.

Also, Lemon Pledge works just fine.
You gotta at least clean the windscreen from time to time . . . :D
Spit is free....

Lemon Pledge works good too...

+++1 on Pledge! Been using it for 25+ years on all kinds of bikes. No problems.
Ok I picked up a can of the Honda stuff at the dealer in Rapid City. $6.95 and right on the counter next to the plexus @ $26.95. Seems to cut the bugs well and does a pretty decent job of filling in the fine scratches in the windshield. There seems to be a grey haze to the windshield after sitting out in the dew overnight. I tried the lemon pledge before our trip and it really didn't seem to soften the bugs very well. The next morning it seemed to collect all the dust floating around in the garage and keep it on the windshield. I am going to order a can of the stuff made by Tulsa windshields to compare it to the Honda spray. One guy told me it was the same the the Tulsa but with a different label. I will report back with my opinion.
I know I am in this thread late but I have been using liquid ICE by Turtle Wax on the windshield, lights, & mirrors and the paste on the body parts. It fills the scratches, beads off the water and lasts for awhile. No kidding!
Behold works wonders. Has a higher wax content than Pledge, and one can almost always find it at the dollar store.
Maguire's Plastic X works well on taking out the spider webs and getting rid of the haze. But I confess that I use Lemon Pledge most of the time. :)
Plexo- a Castle product. I like it better than Plexus. I use it on the windshield and all the clear plastic on my boat. You can usually find it at a Jeep or 4X4 store or online. Also used on aircraft.
The S100 line of bike cleaners and polishes are good. Made in Germany but available at most Harley dealers (they got all that chrome to polish). I use mostly the spray cleaner & wax and the squirt bottle of plastic cleaner (good for the windshield of bike and face shield of helmet).
3M 39017 lens and hard plastic cleaner is unbeatable. At $12.00 a bottle it is a bargain since it just takes a few drops to clean a windshield and/or the clear coat.

"3M™ Lens -and- Hard Plastic Cleaner can be applied with a machine or by hand. Safely removes hairline scratches or other minor imperfections from automotive plastics. Follow use with 3M™ Plastic Polish 39010 to enhance the finish".

I've used it with a new wool buffing pad chucked in a drill to restore polycarbonate headlight lenses to near perfection - which are difficult since they are so soft versus acrylic.
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