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Well, I made it from Central Nevada to NW Arkansas via US50 safe and sound. This was my first major trip on the bike and I learned a few things I thought I'd share.
1. I definitely packed too much stuff. How many trips will it take before I learn to pack properly? I'm going to mail half of it home before the return trip.
2. The stock seat doesn't work for me. I made a beaded seat cover, which helped a lot, but it didn't really make the ride super comfortable. I think I'll get a gel pad before I head back. There may be a custom seat in my future.
3. This bike really shines in the twisty stuff. The roads are very straight where I live, and my first rear tire got so squared off that I could have parked the bike without using the sidestand. The ride from Grand Junction, Colorado, up over Monarch Pass and down the other side was pure biker Nirvana. I actually let out audible whoops like a kid on a roller coaster ride due to how much fun I was having. Almost used the entire rear tire for a change (ended up with very small chicken strips).
4. The Chicane LT tankbag is worth it's weight in Gold. It really made the trip more enjoyable.
5. I can't believe people don't take their own safety more serious. I was amazed at seeing people without helmets and wearing short pants and tank tops, riding crotch rockets, Goldwings and cruisers in several states.

Anyhow, thanks to everyone on the board for their great advice, which made the trip many times the fun.
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