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Would you like to add an event to the the Calendar?

Just click on the Calendar link in the navigation menu bar and use the Add New Event options for either:
  1. single, all day event - an all day event on one day
  2. ranged event - an event that spans multiple days
  3. recurring event - an event that happens on a regular recurring basis
When adding an event please follow these simple guidelines to make sure your event gets approved by the moderators:
  • There should be a seperate discussion thread for the event with the details, or another website with more information (not always required, but recommended).
  • Include the URL to the discussion thread that describes the details of this event, or website for the event
  • Try to add an event at least one month prior to the event
  • Someone from our community should be organizing the event, or organizing the participation of members at the event (i.e., events like the Blitz to Branson, BMWMOA Rally, or Top 'o the Rockies)
  • The event must be related in some way to the (i.e., very loosely related - as in that someone from our community is organizing it or coordinating members of the site to attend)
  • The event might have large appeal to the community
NOTE: The discussion thread for the specific event should be in the appropriate regional forum (unless the event is a national event, like the BMWMOA Rally or BMW's Biltmore Event).

There are currently four general categories of trips:
  • R2M (Ride to Meet) - which is a one day trip to a location where we meet for lunch and then ride back on the same day.
  • Overnighter - which is usually a Saturday/Sunday trip to a location where we meet for dinner and then ride back the next day.
  • Weekender - which is a Friday-Sunday trip to a location where we meet on Friday evening, ride all day Saturday, and return home on Sunday.
  • Rally - usually more than 3 days, typically scheduled over a Thursday-Sunday or long weekend.
Following these guidelines will help make sure your event is approved and placed on the calendar.
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