These are Wunderlich knock-offs, the same design by provided by a Chinese company. My write up on this site is here,
but the updated review with pictures is over here (BAIONE Engine Guard Crash Bar Protectors, Front and Rear (from Amazon, just over $300)).

As I said in the original review, my wife's short (5') and her knees don't easily fit over the bars. (Her legs fit, but the bars will be pressing against the back of her boots.) I have replaced these with the Heed bars, which have a "niche" between the bike and the bars, which better it my wife (and probably, other short pillion riders 馃槒).

The right side bars were slightly damaged in a recent tip-over, but that has been repaired (the vendor's bracket bent, and the bar was tweaked a bit, and there were some scratches). You may or may not want to paint the mounting plate or touch up the pipes due to flakes or scratches, but they are barely noticeable, and are powder coated so they should not rust.

$100, shipping to CONUS included. This sale is for the REAR BARS only, does not include the front.

Left side:
Tire Wheel Vehicle Automotive fuel system Automotive lighting

For installation instructions: just check the Wunderlich web site, or the links in my review.

For comparison:
Wunderlich Rear Protection bars
These knock offs I bought on Amazon

Left side

Right side (after repair):