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This is me yesterday taking delivery of my new "dark graphite" GTL.

Cheri twisted my arm (real hard!) to "go ahead and do it." I've had my beloved K1200LT for 12 years, but I've been lusting after this beauty for two years now. I actually had a deposit down on one in the original shipment in 2011, but when I rode it, I knew there was no way my knees could stand that seating position (especially vs. the LT!). I figured mods would come out after a while to help with that...and they have!

I've already ordered Ilium crash bars and highway pegs, plus Suburban foot peg extensions, and a CalSci windscreen. I also plan to have a custom seat built soon at Rich's (in Kingston, WA - near Seattle) that will put my butt about 3-4" higher and 3-4" rearward, and might add Heli bars to bring the handlebars closer to compensate. After all that's done, I am confident that my basketball knees will be comfy, and I'll be able to ride this thing for hours on end!

As for the LT, I think my friend Mel is going to buy it (since his wife gave me a good deal on a kidney, the least I can do is give him a good deal on a great bike). ;) The GTL's ride isn't as comfy as the LT's (for me - YMMV), but it has enough other attractions that I'm very excited about the change!
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