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Welcome to the Vendors Forum. This forum has been set up in order to inform members of this site about the range of goods and services catering for the BMW Luxury Touring range of motorcycles. Who better to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information than the vendors themselves? It will also (and let's be honest here) provide a welcome (and very necessary) revenue-stream, allowing this site to continue to grow and improve, for the benefit of all members.

Only registered vendors may start a thread here. To register, please contact [email protected] for more details and vendor pricing info.

Vendors are allowed to start new posts within their individual Vendor forums. Other (non-vendor) members may respond to the original post, in order to ask questions, give feedback etc., but may not start their own threads in this forum.

Inclusion of items here does not imply that they are recommended nor endorsed by this site's administrators, nor will the administrators be held liable for any problems that might result from the purchase of goods and services advertised here. Any warranty claims and disputes should be directed towards the relevant vendor. Contact details only will be provided on request.

The same Site Guidelines apply to this forum as to other forums on this site. This means that vendors should avoid any personal attacks against others, be they disgruntled customers or competitors. Likewise, vendors will be granted the same 'personal attack' protection afforded to everyone else on this site. Dissatisfied customers are requested to try and resolve disputes with registered vendors prior to posting complaints in any forum on this site. If several customers have unresolved disputes with the same registered vendor, the moderator may post a warning within the Vendors forum. In extreme cases, the site's administrators reserve the right to remove the vendor from the list of businesses authorized to post in this forum.

If you have any questions about becoming a Supporting Vendor or any questions about our Supporting Vendors program, once again please e-mail [email protected] or PM Admin
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