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Wanted to share my recent experience with Warm & Safe Heated Gear. Finally broke down and ordered up some heated gloves for myself and wife. I decided on a remote duel controller where one channel will be for my gloves and the second channel connected though an extension to my wife's gloves. It works great!

My big apprehension was sizing. I have long fingers and it seems I always have trouble finding gloves that fit. After trading some emails with Mike from Warm & Safe, I felt pretty comfortable that if they didn't fit, he would take care of me. Sure enough - it took an exchange to get the sizing right for my wife and I but Mike and Deata took care of us with a quick exchange and the second pair fit perfectly.

My plan to use the dual controller works great as well. The remote comes with a safety strap which I put around the handlebar and used the piece of supplied velcro to attach the controller to the top of my radio controls making it super easy to adjust on the fly. Wife just lets me know if she want hers a little warmer or cooler and I make the adjustment to her channel.

Eventually I can see getting a heated liner and I know I'll be going back to Warm & Safe for that as well. At that time I'll probably go for a second controller and give my wife control of her gloves while I put the liner on the second channel. Lots of options.

I'm not affiliated with Warm & Safe in any way. Just wanted to share my experience because I spent a lot of time researching different companies and trying to find which was better than another. Decided on Warm & Safe because they were responsive to emails, had great reviews, and have a lifetime warranty on the heating elements. I like their gloves are waterproof too.
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