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Wanted Radio from 2005 or newer

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If anybody has a radio they have removed from a 2005 and newer K12LT please let me know. It does not matter if one of the channels is gone as I plan to send it overseas for the upgrade/repair. If anyone is feeling charitable and would donate one (obviously I would pay for shipping) I will donate my old one to the next person so they can do the same. Please PM if you have one so we can make sure it is the right model and to confirm it is repairable. I commute daily and can't have the bike down for the couple of weeks it would take to do the repair. Thanks.
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I was wanting to do the same thing (but with my Starcom1 systems vs Autocom). In researching it I could not find any other output lines other than the speakers from the BMW amp. So for now I can't play CDs and radio through the Starcom1, however I have 32GB of music loaded into my Zumo 660 and have that wired to play through the Aux In on the bike and I can switch that on or off through the headset on the Starcom. It was quite a large wiring loom to do this sadly. But it works. I'll be very interested if someone finds a way other than the Autocom connection from the rear speakers to feed the intercom.

I'm also interested in how the radio repair goes - my radio is new so no problem there (came with the bike and was told it was just replaced) but it seems like they don't last that long so I'll be paying attention as a mod that I suspect is "one day likely to be needed"....!!
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