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I posted the following in the RT1200 section and did not receive any reponse so I thought I would try this forum,

I purchased a Vzi-tec SupaBrake3 and installed it on my 2015 Rt1200. The unit worked as it should until I tried to include the TopCase. When I attached the white wire to the proper connection on the top case it functioned properly with the tail lights and top case light modulating until I started the bike. Once the bike was running in a few seconds all the rear lights on the bike and top case completely stopped working. I carefully reviewed the instructions to assure my installation was correct. I contacted Bernard at Viz-tec several times and he was helpful but I still had the same result. Bernard sent a new SupaBrake3 module which I installed with the same result. While I don't know if it is important the top case in the older version. All the lights on the bike including the top case worked properly until I installed the SupraBrake3. I verified I was had attached the white wire to the proper top case wire buy using a volt meter to verify it was the top case brake wire.

Has anyone successfully installed the SupaBrake including the top case?

The SupaBrake3 also makes the top case light a running light while it is normally just a brake light. Since the problem only occurs a few seconds after starting the bike I am wondering if the problem is the canbus sensing the additional draw on the tail light and shutting off the circuit.
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