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I am using an EdSets headset with mh VOICE II system on my 07 LT and have noticed two strange behaviors. I am wondering if anyone else has noticed either.

1. The intercom appears to have two different voice levels. When the VOX first activates, the volume is at a lower level and then a short time later (I'm guessing a second or so) the volume jumps to a higher level and stays there as long as you are talking. I haven't read this anywhere in the documentation.

2. When playing a radio station I can have the music volume quite high and have no problem with the VOX. However, if the CD is playing and I turn the volume very high and then have a song with high volume and a high note (had this happen with some Eagles somes), the VOX will activate. If I turn the volume down quite a bit, the VOX will quite activating. It appears as though the CD is somehow providing some interference or cross-over to the mic circuit.

Has anyone noticed either of these behaviors with the VOICE II?
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