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I'm sure someone else out there is in the middle of this, so here goes the questions. I just purchased an '06 LT with the VOICE II system. I obviously want to take advantage of what it has to offer, but also want additional versatility. I know I can buy the normal headsets and cords from BMW and some $500 later have good on-bike communication. But before I even start laying out the $$, I want to do it right. Here goes:
1. Several negative remarks have been floating around relative to the J&M headset speakers. I am big into high quality music, and while I realize that a motorcycle is inherently a compromised venue, I want to make the best of it. Are there better alternatives that can be made to fit up to the VOICE II connections?
2. OK, but I also want to be able to take it with me. We occasionally find ourselves on a rental bike (GW). For those occasions we already have a Chatterbox setup...not great sound, but good enough for an intercom. So I am also looking for some way to mate up my new helmet speakers to a portable rider/passenger arrangement, preferably Chatterbox. If all else fails, some way to mate up to the Honda connections might work in a pinch.
3. OK, but sometimes my SO wants to ride her own bike. I know that the BMW setup seems to prefer the Kenwood FRS...and that may be OK. But I want to make sure that the wife can have a second FRS unit that she can hook into directly on her bike, so that we can bike to bike with our same helmets and heatsets.
4. As long as I'm starting from scratch, is there a bluetooth option of any kind. It would need to have both a transmitter at the bike connection and a helmet receiver...for both occupants. I realize this is a long shot (2008 model?)
5. One last there any place to get the short cables for connecting the Ipod, cell phone, and Kenwood to the VOICE box other than BMW....lets be real $25 - 40 for a short piece of duplex wire is a bit steep. On a more general note, where is the best place to sort all of this out?
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