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Zumo 660 and Voice II

Yes I have searched but not found what I need.

Can someone tell me how to hook up the Zumo 660 to the Voice II so that I can listen to MP#'s and Voice Prompts in stereo and use the Bluetooth Phone to the GPS through my headsets?

The factory GPS connectors only have a mono input for the voice prompt and no output (from helmet mics back to the GPS for the phone). Actually for the 2 connectors I thought it was strange to only have 5 wires.

Speed??? (if I read the posts right)

So do I connect the Stereo output of the Zumo into the Aux in in the oddments box or is there a spot hidden on the com/radio to add that in. Same on the mic. Do I use the phone connector or the mic from the CB/FRS? Again in the oddments or on the radio directly somewhere?

I found a post about adding an AUX in to the back of the radio. But I wasn't sure if that's where the Voice II connects or not.

I have the GPS mounted and am ready to make the connections and put the stingray back on.

I just installed the headsets last night and then seem to work great while sitting in the garage :D Now to get the GPS so we can listen to MP3's and use the phone!

Thanks in advance,

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