1 of each, a maintenance and touring log book
$12 shipped
Vintage BMW maintenance and touring log books
You get one of each I have a limited amount and once gone they are gone forever.
$12.00 shipped in the cont US Alaska and Hawaii Will be extra
Over 30 years old. They came from an estate of my wife mother and dad who belonged to the local club as well as Pioneers or Ambassadors I don’t remember in the bmwmoa
They were very active in the bmw world for 40+ years. Held first Friday coffee at there house for many years (25 or 30).
They both measure 3 ½” x 5 ¼”The bindings are sewn not glued.
The BMW maintenance log book
8 Pages, double sided sewn binding not glued

The Touring log books are 28 pages double sided sewn binding not glued

These were printed by
My search could not find FireFly in steger, IL any longer.

Note: there are a couple that say motorcycle instead of BMW
If you want one of those specify specify specify “Motorcycle not BMW”

Some/most have a very slight purple hue about the size of the center printed area.
It is visible in the photos, some on the front some on the back. I think its ink from printing.
Don't forget the are 30+ years old.
Look at the touring log in the 1st picture below the center printed area