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VIN and Engine numbers/Year

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New to the forum here. After 52 airheads (bought/sold/rebuilt) in the last 15 years and land speed racing a Blackbird, my wife sold her CS and said it is time for an LT. So, we're one week into an '05 LT and lovin' it! And gearing up for a few more Iron Butt rides this year!

My question is how and if the engine number (and transmission for that matter) correlates to the VIN and bike year. I'm in the process of changing oils/fluids and got a bit confused when the HiFlo filter book called for the "shorter" 164 filter and I pulled out the taller BMW (equivalent HiFlo 163). The book said the '05 model should use the 164 shorter filter. The dealer had installed the 163 BMW version.

This got me questioning if I might have an '04 engine in my '05 LT. My engine number is 124EC 1904 2260. Is there a link in the archives or other area that address this matter?

Or other info discussing what the individual numbers/letters stand for in the VIN?
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I had two filters left over from the last purchase I made for my '00 LT and wondered if they would fit my '05. According to the parts fiche at Bob's BMW, the part numbers are the same so I am planning on using them.
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