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FWIW and in case anyone is interested in additional info, I installed Skene's Photon Blaster Turn Signals on my then-month-old C 400 GT -- which is also a CANbus bike -- last July. This is the product ...

... and my installation work in my gallery (pics, captions, and my video) of this farkle starts with this image:

I tapped into the stock rear wiring loom of the scooter without incident. While the wiring colors of my C 400 GT likely differ from an RT's, Skene lists corresponding colors at P3 Make Model Wiring Table, and general instructions at P3 Installation - IQ-260 series

Incidentally, I have also purchased Photon Boosters for the front of my bike ...

... and plan on installing them in a month or two, when things warm up in my neck of the woods.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts