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Vented Windshield for 2021 RT

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Who produces a windshield with a vent for the RT?
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I'm with ya brother! I came on here tonight to look this up. I got rid of my Diavel because it sucked in the winter and now my 21RT sucks in the summer LOL. It is so damn hot these days I need a vent.
Just contact 7jurok and tell them what you want. They'll add that Honda Goldwing type vent to any of their windshield products for an additional $50. I've had it done several times.
I have one. 7jurock custom made it for me. I love it, the vent really makes a difference.
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I know I'm late to the party, but that looks like a stock Gen4 Goldwing vent (prior to the new redesign).
I had a Wing for years, the vent never spit water at me in the rain. When closed, it's closed. No water in the rain, no draft in the cold (well below freezing).

It still amazes me that the Wing is the only bike I know of with a windscreen vent. It makes a HUGE difference, especially at freeway speeds where you don't want the screen down so you get blasted, but it's hot enough that you need air.
thank you for sharing about the vented version

I just emailed 7jurock asking for a Vented 24 inch tall for my 21' RT, let's see what happens...
I have a regula 7jurock 24' inch one installed and it works perfect
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