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I just did my valve adjustment for the first time (02 R1150RT with 22,000 miles). My left side intake and exhaust valves were super tight. So much so that I kept rolling that wheel around over and over to make sure I was at TDC and both rocker arms were loose. I was afraid I was adjusting them at the wrong location because not only could I not get the feeler gauges in there, but I had to turn the screw well over a full rotation before I could. I double-checked everything with Hopz (who replied above) just to make sure.

Right side was also very tight, but not as bad as left.

When I got everything back together, the bike sounded sweet, and the power delivery was much smoother. Lost the high-frequency vibration, too. I also did the throttle body syncing, like Hopz recommends, but the throttle bodies needed almost no adjustment.

1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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