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looks like not a good idea.....


And, I read an article over the weekend about some pilot flying low over I81 in virginia while using his cell phone to talk to a trucker below, snagged some powerlines and augered into the ground.

Ahh, here it is....

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Article published Mar 1, 2006
Pilot on Cell Phone When Killed, FAA Says
By Brad Zinn/staff
[email protected]

MOUNT SIDNEY - A Spottswood pilot killed last week after crashing his
airplane along Interstate 81 in Mount Sidney was talking on a cell
phone when the accident occurred, according to the Federal Aviation

The agency's preliminary report prepared for the National
Transportation Safety Board stated that Benjamin R. Hickin, 30, of
Spottswood, was flying above I-81 while speaking to a friend below who
was driving a tractor-trailer northbound on the interstate when the
plane clipped cables running between two transmission towers.

1st. Sgt. Jeff Pearson, of the Virginia State Police, said the
aircraft severed two small lines connecting the towers. "They're about
the size of your thumb," he said.

Pearson estimated Hickin's Cessna was traveling between 120 and 140
miles an hour when he struck the lines. The impact sheared off the
right wing of the aircraft, he said, sending the plane tumbling onto
the interstate. The plane struck a car hauling vehicles sold on Ebay
before it came to rest in a ditch just off the highway and exploded in

Pearson said, "We're not aware of any mechanical or medical

Hickin and the unidentified man he was talking to on the cell phone
both were part owners of the plane, according to the report.

"There was an apparent attempt for the person on the ground to
visually see the aircraft," Pearson said.

Witnesses described the plane as circling the area before the crash.
Hickin died on impact from multiple injuries, according to autopsy
results released by the Medical Examiner's Office in Roanoke.

The FAA has taken fuel samples from the aircraft and will disassemble
the engine as part of its investigation, Pearson said. A
manufacturer's assessment also is pending, he said. "The man from
Cessna was there the next day."

Hickin was an experienced commercial pilot who recently left
Manassas-based Colgan Air for a position with Gemini Air Cargo, where
he was flying internationally.

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I hope cell phones are NEVER allowed on flights! It is bad enough now to be crowded in with all those people, sure don't want to have idiots on cell phones next to me.

Maybe they will have to re-activate the segregation principle that was in place for smokers, and have a cellphone section. :D

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...The plane struck a car...
Great. Now we gotta watch out for idiots coming at us from above. :(

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meese said:
Great. Now we gotta watch out for idiots coming at us from above. :(
Gotta love it! We will need radar mounted on our helmets with a heads-up display on our shields. What's next? :rolleyes:
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