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A guy from a company in Canada I work with is friends with one of the guys in this post on ADV rider.

If you are considering a motorcycle with more than 2 wheels (Raffy?) there are videos shot from a tripod on the Ural, doing some cool dual sporting.

Last weekends annual Dead Zone Dualsport Rally in Spences Bridge BC, my second time. We were ahead of Mr Cob (Crusty Old Bastard) and he never caught up to us! His ride report on ADV Rider is well done. At least check out the three videos. There was about twenty of us from the Island that took the route up through Whistler, Pemberton, then Highline 4x4 road to Seton Portage and Lillooet. Two casulties in our group during the rally event. One torn ACL (knee) and a nastier broken pelvis and clavicle along with concussion. 130 attended the rally. Good time!
Click on link below.
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