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about our reservation issue

It got resolved, Karen was able to get hold of them Saturday during the day, there was no explanation on the confusion for our reservation, but none was needed as it got resolved regardless. I just wish it had been earlier.

I thought to be fair I should post this so all know it went ok after all.

Karen made our dinner order at that time over the phone we made it in about 8pm still in time for dinner (which was good as I was hungry!) paid for our dinner our rooms desert which I had to have help eating! (Thanks he who shall remain nameless)

got to see a few good people and Joe in Pink (his penance for his burnout last time which was perfect but he needs a bra)


Joe you need to call me, we need to get something straightened out my friend.

and oh Joe Karen said she'll take the pink shirt and she has a bra HAHAHAHAHAHA

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