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Howdy folks!

I realized this morning that in just 6 months folks will be rolling in from all over the country, and the world, to attend the Curve Cowboy Reunion in Boise, ID. Considering it will be March on Tuesday (how did that happen?? :) ), our little shindig will be here before you know it!

Preparations are well underway - Folks are starting to get vendors lined up, ideas for tech sessions are bouncing around, we're getting to a short list on local charities, work on the silent auction is spinning up, and a number of other activities are being worked on by the CCR Bored and chair people to bring the event together. The Doubletree Hotel, Boise CVB, and Boise BMW dealer are all lined up to help us make this a great Reunion. We also have access to some great resources for riding routes, both paved and unpaved, one of which has (and I'm not making this up) over 3500 miles of back-road riding opportunities. We are also working on a couple of fun surprises for our attendees, just to keep things interesting. :D

We have almost 200 people registered and confirmed so far, which is well ahead of where we've been the past couple of years at this time! Lots of our good friends are returning this year, and we have a really high number of first-timers signing up as well. And our contingent of Finns is growing steadily; I think Ari and Kari are bring 6 or more folks with them! We will max out our space and accommodations at around 400 people this year, so the fact we are halfway there already is great! The flip side of that is - don't want too long to register; we don't want you to miss out on the fun!

Overall, we have a great group of volunteers and local resources who are pulling together to put on what I feel will be on of the best reunions we've had. A great host hotel, an awesome town with lots of things to do, and a host of opportunities to get out and ride; what more could we ask for!! I'm already looking forward to it, and I hope come August 30th I get to see all of you there as well!

Are we there yet??!!?? :cboy:
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