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The beemer has recently had its 24000 mile service. The purpose of having the £400+ service was to maintain the £300+ warranty.

So today, looking at the weather I thought I would go for a spin. Started the bike and noticed the fuel tank was empty, strange I thought as it was nearly full prior to the service. Fuel cap off, wiggle bike, fuel tank full.

Bollocks thinks I, fuel sender foobar. I had a look through the Clymer manual to see if there were any quick fixes or diagnostics, but nothing doing. I decided to strip the plastics off and attack the sender . Got the wiring diagram out and saw something odd, the wire colours were different. Had a looksee up under the front and low and behold, a plug was swaying in the breeze, by chance the colours I was looking for.
I thought I would give the cable a little tug to see if the plug on the sender unit moved, well it didn't, so I traced it back. Where did it go................. the seat. WTF

Some useless moronic overpaid BMW tech had plugged the heated seat into the fuel level sender unit. Swapped the cable and turned the key.........tanks gauge shows 3/4 full.

Plugged the seat into the socket UNDER THE SEAT and all was well.
The pisser is, its hours to strip the plastics off and on and I missed a days riding.

The warranty guys make you go to a dealer to maintain the warranty, and this is the shit that happens.

I know the bike was second hand, but the same care and competence will befall the new 1600k's costing up to 20GRAND FFS.

Moral of the story.............. .......if you take your bike to a dealers, don't expect too much for your money. I suppose I need to check things like wheel nuts and caliper bolts because the same monkey would have had his spanner round them.

I have sent this thread to the BMW dealer, hopefully it will be a wake up call to check the standard of work coming out of their workshop.
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