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Depends a lot on how much weight you have on. We just did Tasmania for a month - wife, tent, sleeping bags etc so it was pretty much up to the weight limit. I have a new set of PR3s on before we left and the rear is probably ready for a replacement soon with about 10,000k on it. Did not notice the wear so much on the front, but definitely noticed the extra heat and wear on the rear when the roads got twisty. As a point of reference, I got about 18,000 out of the OEM Bridgestones.

I guess it also depends on what type of roads you will be travelling on. The roads in Tassie are generally pretty smooth, but there is some rough bitumen between Can River and Cooma that chewed the rear up a bit as well.

Based on my experience, I would be getting some new rubber on before you leave. If your current set have plenty of wear left, you could set them aside and put them on when you get back.

18,000 is a decent trip - where you going?
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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