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First I would like to thank all who actively responded to my request for help and those that posted information that helped solve the mystery.

It appears that the metal (male) quick disconnect collet failed. Replaced the hoses and when I connected it to the fuel pump gas spewed out of the hose at least that is where I thought it came from. Tested with air pressure and some suds and sure enough the ring closest to the hose was bubbling, Took it to the dealer and he confirmed that the part everyone says rarely goes did fail. Symptoms; intermittent leakage with no rhyme or reason which may be dictated by colder weather. If the collet is easily rotated after being disconnected it could mean impending failure. It should rotate, however with significant force applied.

Some observations after doing this job: use silicone grease sparingly to the connector and the nipple coming out of the fuel pump., use the crimp clamp on the hose connection to the fuel pump and any one on the connection to the disconnect the screw hose clamps are small and the one connected to the fuel pump could possibly chafe the other hose the crimp type will not.

73 Jerry out
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