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The possums were not even stirring,

Such an errie silence,

the silence broken by a click,

then another click,

motors whirred,

then silence fell again,

the electrons had already started to flow,

at the speed of light they exited their captive cell,

eager to reach the other side,

along the strands of copper cable they raced each other,

to their final destination they know not,

through the fuse, the relay to what seemed an eternity to,

whats this in our path???

a ballast??

Whats this all about??

shwwosh, buzz, humm, iam no longer 12 volts im now about 20,000 volts,


i feel the power,

toward my final destination i haste,

i excite the xenon gas and filiments,

i help engergize the field of intense brightness...

I am known as the one,

I am HID, creator of light, ruler of darkness.

Yes folks, you read the story true as i have written, HID has arrived to my LT.
It has been a long few days since i started my adventure on installing this new lighting system to my ride.
Id love to take photos but there is a few things stopping me, firstly my wife has the camera and she isnt home, secondly i have put my bike backtogether anyhow.


HID lights rock.

I am in awe of the light it produces, i can only wonder of what it is like for some of you who have not only hid lights to replace the original lights like i have but to have extra HID lighting as well on the side of your machines.

If ouy hav not figured it out by now, i love HID, and there is no turning back now :))

I broke from convention and mounted my relays under the riders seat rather then ontop of the head light.
I also did not drill dirty great holes in the rear of my headlight cover as others have done to run cables thru, rather at the base of the cover in the removeable piece i cut a small hole from the bottom up about 2mm wide and about 10 mm long. this fits all my cables thru quite neatly.

When my wife turns up with the camera i will take some pix.

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...... and let's all hope that your version of the highway patrol doesn't get too excited about your bright lights. Ride safe!

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Dezrae You're making me jealous. I just got back from having fish and chips on the beach in Caloundra. Catherine came home and said com'on lets go for a ride and get something to eat. So what was I to do?? However on the way home in the dark I did think about your headlights as mine aren't much chop.
When I come into a little more dosh I'll add a few necessities


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I been working my a$$ off for the past few weeks and it doesnt look like changine, so i have earnt myself some extra cash then usual and my wife said i can use the extra to buy bits for my ride :))
I think i have bought all the extra i wanted in the past week or so.
Im waiting for my new screen to show up from New Zealand.
Im waiting on my new led indicators for the mirrors.
I got *REAL* brave and bought a 2nd hand set of JB highway pegs from a lister in the USA last week. (wonder if they torn up or the post looses them)
And my RAM mount video camera mount from johnny apple seed GPS.i will mount this to the crash bar on the left side of the bike

After it all turns and and is fitted, im recon im about done for extras on my ride...

oh hang on, i still have to mount an extra power point in the panniers yet. i bought the plug/fuse a few weeks ago, just aint installed it yet.

Keep the rubber side down!

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