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tdkmark said:
Help..... Going to the national rally on Wednesday. Prepping the bike (Tank) for the journey and discovered that my right turn signal indicator light and the front and rear lamp are illuminated and I cannot get it to cancel ! Switch gone bad? Only the right indicator affected. I can activate the signal and the light blinks faintly which makes me think it could be the ground? However wha is causing the light to remain on?

Most appreciated,
You are on the right path, it is most likely a ground issue (brown wires), look to see a bad or loose connection. Sometimes a fuse that has corrosion on it will also present in this way.

The faintly glowing light is a common indicator of an open ground. Another common one is when you use a turn signal they all blink but not brightly, although you usually will see this on a trailer with a bad ground, it can happen on any vehicle.
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