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Tucson to Akron to Gorham (Portland) Maine ride

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I'm planning a ride, for the beginning of August, from Tucson to Portland Maine area.

Bing and Google suggest different routes from each other. Both of them are identical from Tucson to Akron Ohio.

Since here to Akron is common to both routes, are there any construction sites that I should avoid?

What times during the day and afternoon should I avoid major and medium cities along that route?

Are there any major places along the way to stop and check out?

Google suggests a route from Akron to Maine via route 90 along lake Erie and then across NY via route 86 to Albany NY then to route 90 across MA and then up to Maine; 2,800 miles around 46 hours

Bing suggests from Akron to route 75 to route 80 across PA to route 84 into Hartford CT and then up to ME; 2,700 miles, around 40 hours.

Does the extra 6 hours for the 100 mile longer route via NY make sense? Bing estimates 30 hours to Akron Ohio with Google estimating 33 hours.

From Akron to Gorham Maine, Google estimates the best route is identical to Bing's, across PA??!! @ 13 hours while Bing estimates 11 hours.

Any thoughts about the route across PA into Danbury CT and then up to Maine? I know that I need to be past Lowell MA by around 4PM in order not to get stuck in bumper to bumper.

Any thoughts on the route via Lake Erie, acrosws NY to Albany Ny and then across MA? I know on that route I need to be past Lowell MA by 4PM.

Best from Tucson
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