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I was at the Paonia rally in Colorado this summer and saw a tank pannier that fit the 1150 GS. I wished I'da bought it then. Now I have procrastinator's remorse. I didn't get a card from the guy.

The pannier fit nicely down the sides of the tank. The 2005 models have rubber flaps built into the zipper that sealed weather out. The 2004 models had standard zippers so he had them marked down. I'm just trying give clues in case someone out there remembers who the company was. He said the ski industry is using the rubber flap style zipper and he thought it would be a good idea to use on a pannier.

His booth was across from the band stand on the row that runs perpendicular to the concession area.

Guess I'll see him in 10 months or so if I can't get him ID'ed before then.
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