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Trip From AL to Lawton, OK

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I have a trip next week and will be starting day 2 in Braynt ,AK. Jumping off to Hot Springs on 70 then out on 270 to Mt Ida. Then down 27 to Norman where I pick up 8 to Mena. Then out of Mena on the Talihina senic Byway (88). Jump on down on 259 and cut over on 63 to Talihina. Get on 2 for a short bit and get off on 1. Looks like all the good stuff is over by McAlester. Then blow on into Lawton for the week. I have never ridden the Ozarks south of I 40 so I am looking for good ideas on the return trip on the 13th. Ideas anyone? How does my route sound?

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I think that first leg from Alaska is gonna be a bitch.... ;)

Sounds like a fun trip.
If you're winding up in Lawton.. The a trip to the Meers store for a burger is in order...

I don't think there's much else over there.. Ride up Mt. Scott..

On the way back, Either side. North or South of the Talimena Drive looks interesting as well..

270, 271, 259 all look like they have some fun in them...

I posted about the Oark General store in Arkansas. But probably too far out of the way...

I'll have to check out Meer's Store. I will get the group up to the Plantation in Medicine Park for dinner one night. Last time in the Ozark's was when I first met you John up there with the Pecker Nat Gang.
If hungry whilst on the Talimena, stop at the Queen Wilhelmina Lodge (CLICK) for a nice luncheon buffet, and DO NOT MISS the dessert table (would make our Pie Princess weep with joy)!

Wish you were passing a little closer to us in NE D/FW area... Would be nice to see you.

Oh, and be careful on that first day riding down from AK! ;)
Sounds good Tony. Looks like I will be there too early for lunch but I'll stop and check it out.
I am in Burkburnett just about 30 miles south of Lawton, so give me a holler if you can.
If you can give me some notice on when you plan to have a Meers Burger, I'll try to jog down for a couple of hours....

Self employment does have it's advantages...;)

I am thinking about it for dinner Monday. I think I should be in Lawton by 4 pm if I get out of Bryant early in the morning. Give me a ring on my cell before you leave Yukon. 256 five oh nine 6853. The Cowboy looks every bit as good as the Hubcab, maybe even better.
munson said:
I am in Burkburnett just about 30 miles south of Lawton, so give me a holler if you can.
Will do. My time for running around is limited but it would be good to see you and Sweet Pea.
Made it safely to Lawton. Even beat the gang that flew here. What a great ride over the Talimena Scenic drive. Stopped in Talihina at the Hurtfull Hussy Cafe, had a great Ruben!

Looks like the trip to Meer's Store will be another day as the gang here wants to meet at Mike's Bar & Grill.
I couldn't get away anyway.. Maybe later in the week.

Looks like we will hit it tomorrow night for dinner with the group. You are welcome to come down and join us.

You and I may have a better shot at hooking up for breakfast up in your neck of the woods Friday.
Change two. Meer's store is closed Tuesdays so we are set for Wednesday night about 6pm.
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