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Did my first trans, rear, & eng oil change this past weekend.
Everything went well until time to pull that 14mm allen drain plug !
Yes I had previous read that article from the Hall of wisdom.
My assumption was I owned a 14mm allen
The new tool for draining the trans is a 3/8 in. rod coupler.
Any hardware store will have these in stock.
The couple is firm fit and the spacing is perfect.
Cost less than $0.50 at my local trading post.

My auto zone did not stock the 14mm allen,
Three other stores did not have the 14mm allen
Craftsman did not even have one in the catolog...!

From previous read threads:

Where is the transmission drain plug? What size is it? Where's the crush washer?
The transmission drain plug is located on the underside of the transmission. It is blocked on most LTs by the exhaust hanger. The plug requires a 14mm allen (hex) tool to remove not found in the average garage. However, if you have an AutoZone nearby they sell a set of three metric allen bits that includes a 14mm for a damn cheap price! Many owners have gotten them there. There are lots of other places that sell 14 mm allen wrenches or socket bits as well. No reason to use the incorrect tool, except in a real emergency.W.W. Grainger, short arm 14 mm, #3G662, $4.93W.W. Grainger, long arm 14 mm, #3G732, $ Lots of local sales offices, one in almost every decent sized city.McMaster-Carr, short arm 14 mm, #7289A22, $4.45McMaster-Carr, long arm 14 mm, #6958A2, $ Online ordering, FAST delivery and very good shipping charges. NOTE: Many LT owners doing their own service are surprised to find no crush washer on the tranny drain plug. This is normal. No crush washer required. Finally, the tranny fill plug is located behind the right side drivers foot peg. Be careful when removing the peg support, there's stuff attached to the back of it.
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