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For background, I had the excellent, though no-longer-available, Smart Tire unit installed on my recently-totaled '05. In looking at options, I found lots of old info (with units generally no longer made) on this site, but nothing particularly current. I'd love to hear success stories of available units from those who have found something that works well.

I decided not to go the route of a phone-connected (i.e. Fobo, etc) style TPMS. I also prefer inside-the-rim-mounted sensors, but that seems to be a rare bird these days. I settled on this unit and, so far, am happy with it.

Onewell TPMS on Amazon

The display is claimed to be waterproof and is powered by a rechargeable battery (via a micro USB port). I've been riding nearly daily for a couple of weeks and after a full charge initially, the battery still says full. I mounted it to my shelf with a RAM mount and ball that was in my box of RAM extra "stuff". The sensors are Fobo-style valve-mounted. I still wonder about the wisdom of this style of sensor, but they seem to be pretty pervasive and are certainly easier to mount than those requiring a tire dismount.

I did replace my valve stems with metal T-style versions purchased from

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If you kept your old Smartire unit I have a couple of NOS sensors available.
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