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Top 10 signs that a computer is owned by a Harley rider:

10. -- The monitor & CPU have been repainted orange and black.

09. -- System sound effects now play a Harley kicking over when a program starts.

08. -- There's an oil stain on the floor just below the computer.

07. -- Number key pad only goes up to two.

06. -- Password is "WillieG".

05. -- The mouse is referred to as "the Rat".

04. -- There is a Skoal can mounted in the CD-ROM drive.

03. -- Expansion slots have Genuine Harley-Davidson bike parts installed in them.

02. -- The keyboard is mounted at the level of the user's chin and his seat tilts backward -- ape-hanger keyboard!

And the Number 1 sign that a computer is owned by a Harley rider:

01. -- A half-naked, big-breasted "warrior princess" and her tiger have been airbrushed onto the sides of the monitor!
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