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Top Case latch

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After reading many posts regarding the top case latch being weak and breaking, I decided (based on commentary) to not use the latch for normal riding. The case is heavy enough to stay closed on its own. My intention would be to just use the latch for security when parked.

Well a few weeks ago I found out that under the right conditions (75-80mph on the freeway and wind gusts up to 50mph) the top case CAN blow open if not latched. I didn't even realize that this happened until a passing motorist pointed it out to me. Luckily nothing blew out. I had a bag full of electronic stuff in the top case, an Ipod, a toshiba tablet, charging cords etc........I got lucky!!!

To make it worse, shortly after i decided to ride around with the case unlatched my wife told me what a bad idea it was. I had to set her straight and ensure that there was no way that heavy lid would blow open.

She didn't say I told you so, but the look on her face when I told her this story told me her thoughts!!!
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One corner on my latch had already broke when I purchased my ride...probably should have bought the new latch, :eek: but I want with the fix it before it breaks kit. Secured the one dog that was still in order. That was two years ago and no problems. Highly recommend the kit...a little preventative medicine is always cheaper. Just my two cents... :think:
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