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Couple weeks back I was on a weekend trip. Bike worked ok. At first. On sunday morning it turned the starter, but did not run. Checked what I could there on the side of the street.
Took a train home. Was not happy!
On monday rented a truck with lift at the rear. Happily insurance payed that. Got the bike To our mc:s carage. Then teardown, nothing wrong, changed fuelfilter and so on fuel pump worked ok and so on. Finally when assembling fuel lines noticed that the O-ring on the pressure side was bit torn. Changed it and voilá, bike ran well again.
It had Lost the pressure on the start and ofcourse the pump did not start before engine...

All is well, just rode Saddlesore 10:00 two days back here in Finland with my LT. Pic is on the side of the road In the midnight sun.


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