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I've had a lot of fun with the Ducati Hypermotard I picked up from Raffy a couple of years back. But I think it's time to find it a new home. I'm just not finding the time to ride it as much, and I think it would be much happier with someone who would keep it's tires warm. I figured I would offer it up "in the family" before putting it on the open market. You get quite a bit of stuff -

On the bike:

  • Termignoni exhaust
  • Ducati Racing ECU
  • Speedymoto anodized clutch pressure plate, springs and open clutch cover
  • Large (6.2 gallon) gas tank (aftermarket, Calworks I think)
  • Fabbri windscreen
  • Shift Tech Carbon fiber rear fender with chain guard
  • Aftermarket handlebar with carbonfiber brush guards, LED signals, and Aprilia Tuono Mirrors
  • Ducati Comfort seat
  • Ducati tail rack and tail bag
  • Speedymoto clutch slave cylinder
  • Wired with Garmin Zumo cradle
  • Ohlins rear shock rebuilt and resprung
  • Marzzochi from forks rebuilt and resprung with custom Marzzochi springs

In boxes:

  • Stock Ducati seat
  • Stock gas tank and airbox
  • Full stock Ducati exhaust system
  • Stock handlebars, mirrors and turn signals (a bit scratched from my accident a couple of years ago)
  • Spare front beak and right side gas tank panel, small scratch on each
  • Ducati tank bra and tank bag
  • original Ohlins rear spring and Marzzochi fork springs
And I'm probably forgetting some stuff.

If you're interested PM me or email me at [email protected].
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