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Tight Valve and rear seal leaking on 05 LT

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Tight Valve and rear trans seal leaking on 05 LT

I took my 2005 LT in for the 48k maintenance and I juse received a call
that the rear (transmission) seal in leaking (was just replaced last June) which I am having replaced. I will pay $280.00 to have the seal replaced.

Also they said one valve was silghtly "out of spec" but still has clearance.They advised me not not have it adjusted due the three hours labor cost and that it is not tight enough to cause any major issues.I welcome comments and opinions especially on the one out of spec valve.

I am going over to the shop in about an hour or so to see the beast with the plastic off. This all makes me a little nervous and I am wondering if I will be replacing seals in another year. The tech is a certified BMW master mechanic.

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Did the leaking main seal contaminate your clutch? That is what cause mine to fail prematurely?
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